All of our shoes are Goodyear welted which is considered the most durable form of shoe construction. It comprises three careful layers of stitching, including a lockstitch which gives firmness to the entire structure. It also means that the shoe can easily be resoled which adds greatly to the lifespan of the shoes.


Seasoned craftsman

We are passionate about keeping the art of shoemaking alive in the age of mass production and are proud to work with talented artisans. Each pair of shoes goes through the hands of 8 different craftsmen, each of them an expert in their field: Cutting, Skiving, Brogue-ing, Stitching, Closing, Lasting, Welting, Finishing. The result is a labour of love that is highly durable and beautifully finished.

A machine can cut leather, but it cannot differentiate between good leather and damaged leather. Only a human eye is capable of this precision and attention to detail.
— Nimchand, Leather Cutter

Highest grade materials:



1. Full Grain Leather

The most durable and flexible form of leather. It stretches naturally to take the shape of your foot and develops a beautiful patina over time.


We use high grade leather as our heel material, which comes with inherent shock absorbent qualities and durability. The high abrasion resistant rubber top lift at the top of the heel maximises support and balance. Every heel features a ‘gentleman’s corner’ to protect your trousers from any damage.

2. Argentinian Leather Sole

With a high abrasion resistance and durability it is a favourite among shoe makers and the strength of the material allows for a high internal bond.

4. Soft, Cowhide Lining

A good lining is essential for the overall comfort of a shoe. Our mellow tempered cowhide lining ensure a smooth and soft feel, and helps maintains comfort for the foot.