Julian - Oxford Brogue

Julian - Oxford Brogue

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Each pair of Koch & Co. is designed with simplicity in mind. In an age of mass production and overwhelming choice, our focus is on the luxury of possessing the ultimate basics, that have been carefully designed and made using centuries of refinement and skill. 

Upper: The shoe uppers are made using 100% full grain leather sourced from the finest tanneries around the world. Full grain leather maintains the texture from the original cowhide, ensuring the highest quality finish and feel on each shoe. It is also meant to the be the most durable and flexible form of leather. This means that the leather stretches over time to take the shape of your foot, making the shoe fit better with each use. The leather develops a patina over time and ages beautifully

Sole: We use the highest quality Argentinean Leather to produce our soles. Argentinean leather soles are is a favorite among leather shoe-makers, due to its high abrasion resistance and durability. It is one of the most preferred types of leather for Goodyear welted construction, due the the high internal bond and strength of the material.

Lining: A good lining is essential for the overall comfort of a shoe. Our mellow tempered cowhide lining ensure a smooth and soft feel, and maintains comfort for the foot even after wearing it for several hours.

Heel: We use high-grade masonite, a new age heel material which is made out of recycled wood. The high internal bond of the material allows extreme durability for the heel, while making it much lighter than traditional leather heels. The high abrasion resistant rubber top lift at the top of the heel maximizes support and balance. Every heel features a ‘gentleman’s corner’ to protect your trousers from any damage.