Peshawari Sandals

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goodyear welted shoes

Made to last


Koch & Co. offers handcrafted, Goodyear welted shoes using centuries of refinement and skill from the first stitch to the last. 


Koch & Bros.™

Start a Koch & Bro. team and get access to a number of exclusive deals and perks. All you need is to gather 3 bros and each pick a pair of your choice. You'll each receive 25% off the retail price, free resoling for life and a personalised team gift (that remains a surprise). It's really easy. Follow the steps below and start saving. Your bros are for life, and your shoes should be too. 


1. Gather your bros

Get together 3 other friends to go in on a Koch & Bro. deal. Assign your team a name and you'll receive a personalised gift from us.


2. Pick your shoes

Each bro decides which design, colour and size he wants. Your selections will be registered at the Koch & Bro. check out page where you pay for your shoes together. 


3. Enjoy the perks

  • Free resoling on Koch & Co. shoes for life

  • 25% off the retail price on each pair

  • A personalised team gift



The art of shoemaking –

We are passionate about keeping the art of shoemaking alive in the age of mass production and are proud to work with talented artisans.

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